Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy National Day of Puppetry!


This is not only my first "blogging" but it's my first website. And by coincidence it all starts on National Day of Puppetry.


Yes. The 12th Annual National Day of Puppetry as recognized by the Puppeteers of America which, according to their website is a "national nonprofit organization founded in 1937, provides information, encourages performances, and builds a community of people who love puppet theatre." Here is there link for more information about them and this honored day:

This little blog of mine will highlight and talk about puppets as it occurs. After all, that's how my life has gone, thus far; always back to puppets. But being a dad (my other profession) I have discovered a lot of other things just as cool and entertaining for the young ––– and young at heart ––– that I'll share with you.

So welcome!